Increase the size and fullness of breasts with implants.

Breast Enlargement (augmentation mammaplasty) creates larger breasts through the placement of special implants behind the chest muscles and/or breast tissue. There are many reasons for having a breast enlargement. Perhaps you feel that your breasts are too small; have lost volume or roundness after pregnancy; or are completely different sizes and you'd like them to be more symmetrical.

Breast enlargement may also give a more youthful appearance to your breasts. The breast enlargement procedure is not designed to correct the appearance of an enlarged dark area around the nipple (areola); or exceptional sagging or highly irregular shapes-but other surgery may be indicated for these conditions. Be sure to ask your surgeon.

Since the early 1960's, more than two million women in the United States have increased their breast size and created a fuller, more enhanced figure with this procedure. The popularity of breast enlargement is predominately due to the new types of implants that are now available. Your surgeon will discuss different implants and incision sites with you to determine the choice that is most appropriate for you.