Remove excess breast skin to raise drooping and sagging breasts.

Breast lift (mastopexy) removes excess stretched skin, reshapes the breasts and lifts the nipples to a higher position. There are many reasons for having a breast lift. Women find as they mature the forces of gravity take over; or after pregnancy, breasts begin to droop, sag and lose shape. Perhaps the upper portions of your breasts have simply lost their fullness and projection. The goal of a breast lift is to make your breasts look perkier, fuller and more youthful.

It is important to understand that a breast lift by itself does not enlarge the breasts. If you desire or need enlargement, you can have a breast enlargement (augmentation mammaplasty) conducted at the same time as your breast lift. Breast enlargement is particularly helpful in filling out the upper portions of your breast. If you feel you will benefit from an enlargement and a lift, discuss both options fully with your surgeon. (Click on the Breast Enlargement procedure page for more information.)