Eliminate excess eyelid skin, puffiness and fat to create a fresher look.

Eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) enhances the image of your eyes by eliminating excess skin and smoothing the eye area. Are you concerned about "bags under your eyes"? Does extra skin under your eye, furrowed lids or sagging upper eyes make you look old and tired?

Your exact procedure depends on your specific desires combined with your eyelids' general physical condition, the effect of sun damage, your skin's thickness and elasticity, already existing wrinkling, the amount and distribution of eyelid fat, your underlying bone structure, allergies, heredity, and other factors to be discussed with your surgeon. The most important factors determining the final appearance of your eyes is your surgeon's sense of aesthetics, understanding of eyelid anatomy and technical skills. Eyelid lift can help you achieve eyes that appear larger, more attractive resulting in a brighter, more alert new look.