Eliminate droopy brows, lids and wrinkles by lifting forehead tissue.

Laughing, smiling, crying and squinting are all everyday facial movements that gradually cause women's foreheads to develop unwanted furrows, wrinkles and lines. This, coupled with the inevitable effects of aging can create forehead lines that lead to a tired, worn look that robs you of your confidence in social and business situations.

However, through a simple forehead lift procedure, women of all ages can restore a smooth, fresh look of youthfulness to their appearance. Forehead lifts can be performed on an outpatient basis in one to two hours, yielding stunning results that last five to ten years. Recovery time is minimal, usually lasting only few weeks, and side effects are rare.

The procedure involves manipulating and adjusting the tissue and skin beneath your forehead and eyebrows. Performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, a forehead lift can provide you with a healthy new look that revitalizes your appearance and rejuvenates your self-esteem.