Szeged is a beautiful, ancient university town in the south of Hungary. Forrás Private Clinic is a well-known plastic and cosmetic surgery which was established in 1983 in the Forrás hotel.

We mainly work as an outpatient clinic but, for the convenience of our patients, hotel rooms are available for as long as they wish to protect their privacy from prying eyes. Only a few days after the operations, our foreign patients can enjoy the world-famous Hungarian hospitality and cuisine, by trying out the delicious gulyas or the Szeged fish soup at one of the pleasant restaurants on the bank of the Tisza River. Our patients usually stay for 7-10 days after the operation when the stiches are removed and the signs of surgery are hardly visible.

Who can benefit from coming to Hungary for plastic surgery?

We are often suspicious about foreign countries but as soon as we gain pleasant experiences, our prejudicies disappear. Of course previously, people who decided to come to Hungary for plastic surgery had some contact with Hungarians.

The high quality of medical education in Hungary is common knowledge. The doctors working at our private clinic are not only required to have passed the Hungarian Specialist Exam (ide ki kellene irni a teljes es pontos nevét a vizsgának) but the European Board Exam, as well.

The quality of the Hungarian Medical profession meets European standards in all aspects, but the fees are significantly lower, approximately one quarter of Western European levels. The total expense of the travel, accommodation and the operation is half or one-third of the Western price.

For those who would like to pay less for their operation, it is an advantage if you work for a travel agency or air company, so you travel free. It is not a coincidence that we have lots of air stewards as patients.